WCS at the IUCN World Conservation Congress

WCS Events

WCS is organizing or co-organizing about twenty separate events/sessions, including symposia, pavilions, workshops, Knowledge Cafés, and Conservation Campus sessions. Topics to be covered include: wildlife trafficking including illegal ivory trade, critically endangered Asian mammals; bison reintroductions in North America; protected areas and the UNESCO-World Heritage Convention; monitoring and enforcement in marine protected areas; climate change adaptation; gender and integrating women into natural resource management; sustainable development and the waters of the Amazon Basin; spatial planning for conservation; delivering on the new UN Sustainable Development Goals; and the role of corruption in illegal wildlife trade. Below you will find the details of WCS-led events.

WCS will also launch publications at the Congress, including one on achieving the targets of global biodiversity through treaties and conventions.

The following sessions have been completed.

Friday - September 02, 2016

TitleTimeFocal PointRoom
Mobilising IUCN to strengthen the World Heritage Convention and improve the conservation outlook of natural sites11:00 - 13:00Elena Osipova (IUCN)316A
The realities of multi-stakeholder collaboration: lessons from conservation NGO-business partnerships 12:00 - 13:00Nadine McCormick (IUCN)Business and Biodiversity Pavilion
Towards strengthened biodiversity offsets policies and practices in the South14:30 - 16:30Billé Raphaël (SPC)315
The elements needed to develop and implement flagship species recovery, the tigers tale14:30 - 19:00Sugoto Roy (Coordinator: Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Programme, IUCN)309
Application of Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) tools for MPA Enforcement14:30 - 19:00Lisa Symons Symons (NOAA, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries)307AB
CARPE - Conservation and Sustainable Development Accomplishments and Lessons Learned from 20 years of US Government Investment in Central Africa16:00 - 17:00Kirstin Siex (United States Agency for International Development)United States Pavilion
Understanding how human responses to climate change are impacting biodiversity, and developing appropriate interventions17:00 - 19:00Nikhil Advani (WWF)311-8
Engaging the other half: practical things you can do to integrate women into natural resource management projects.17:00 - 19:00Craig Leisher (The Nature Conservancy)311-12
Conservation Trust Funds: Building a financial future for your conservation efforts17:00 - 19:00Ray Victurine (Conservation Finance Alliance)315
KBA Consultative Forum: exchanging experience on application of the KBA Standard at the national level17:00 - 19:00Jack Tordoff (Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund)319B

Saturday - September 03, 2016

TitleTimeFocal PointRoom
The SDGs Journey: Achieving the conservation imperative for sustainable development08:00 - 10:30Ian Gunderson (IUCN)313A
Conserving the Amazon: Informing Decisions with Maps11:00 - 13:00Wildlife Conservation Society and Conservation International318A
A Green List for Species and Ecosystems: Progress and Next Steps14:30 - 16:30Barney Long (WWF)316A
Towards multifaceted solutions to wildlife trafficking14:30 - 16:30Daniel Challender (IUCN)313A
Best practices in human-wildlife conflict mitigation17:00 - 19:00Alexandra Zimmermann (Chester Zoo (North of England Zoological Society))317A
Everybody’s Business: Ending Wildlife Trafficking17:00 - 19:00Jane Smart (IUCN)Ballroom B
Partners in knowledge: celebrating the launch of the Key Biodiversity Areas Partnership and the Red List Partnership  19:30 - 21:30Annabelle Cuttelod (IUCN)Species Conservation Pavilion
US Government reception on ivory markets19:00 - 21:00Christine DawsonRoof of the convention center

Sunday - September 04, 2016

TitleTimeFocal PointRoom
Sharing ICM experience across the Western Indian Ocean and the Pacific08:30 - 10:30Billé Raphaël (SPC)311-3
Key Biodiversity Areas08:30 - 13:00Annabelle Cuttelod (IUCN)Knowledge Hub
A Standard Framework for Converting Spatial Conservation Data into Meaningful Management Information11:00 - 13:00Nick Salafsky (Conservation Measures Partnership)311-9
Reconciling development and nature: laying the foundations for collaborative action to scale up implementation of a net gain for biodiversity 11:00 - 13:00Steve Edwards (IUCN)311-10
The journey towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): monitoring implementation through the lens of biodiversity conservation14:30 - 16:30Elizabeth Bennett (Wildlife Conservation Society) 319A
Saving species: diversity, commonality and best practice in planning for success'14:30 - 16:30Mark Stanley Price (Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, University of Oxford)313B
Improving watershed and island-scale resilience through shared management approaches14:30 - 16:30Mia Theresa Comeros-Raynal (American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency, IUCN Marine Biodiversity Unit)311-6
Environmental Crime in Central Africa – Challenges and Opportunities15:00 - 16:30CARPECOMIFAC booth - Forest Pavilion
Partnering to restore wild plains bison for culture and nature: the return of the Buffalo in Banff National Park and Tribal lands17:00 - 18:00Marie-Eve Marchand (Bison Belong)Business and Biodiversity Pavilion
Responding under uncertainty: What does it really take to act on climate change?17:00 - 19:00Nicholas Fisichelli (National Park Service)311-4

Monday - September 05, 2016

TitleTimeFocal PointRoom
Driving up standards in Endangered Species Recovery Programmes08:30 - 19:00Madhu Rao (Wildlife Conservation Society/IUCN) and Richard Young (Durrell)309
Supporting protected area designation and management through identifying the most important sites for biodiversity: launch of the Key Biodiversity Areas Standard and Programme11:00 - 12:00Annabelle Cuttelod (IUCN)Protected Planet Pavilion
Environmental crime and corruption: challenges and opportunities11:00 - 13:00Rob Parry-Jones (WWF International)312
Greater than the sum of its parts: Can the Asian Species Action Partnership leverage support for Critically Endangered Species?12:00 - 12:30Madhu Rao (Wildlife Conservation Society/IUCN) and Richard Young (Durrell)Species Conservation Pavilion
CFA General Assembly12:00 - 12:30Sylvie Goyet (Conservation Finance Alliance)Protected Planet Pavilion
Life on Land: Conservation opportunities in achieving Land Degradation Neutrality14:30 - 16:30Peter Laban (IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management)311-7
Empowering Local Communities to Combat Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trade - What Works and Why?14:30 - 16:30Yelizaveta Protas (CMS Secretariat)316A
The Body Shop’s Bio-Bridges: Regenerating forests to help endangered animals find love15:30 - 16:30Jessie Macneil-Brown (The Body Shop)Forests Pavilion
Achieving Conservation Success Through on the Ground Investments in People and Wildlife16:00 - 17:00Ruggiero Richars (US Fish and Wildlife Service)US Pavilion
Greening Infrastructure: planning to address cumulative impacts from large infrastructure projects17:00 - 19:00Linda Krueger (The Nature Conservancy)313A
EUROPAID: alliances pour la conservation19:30 - 21:00316C

Tuesday - September 06, 2016

TitleTimeFocal PointRoom
Gland Expert Group Meeting08:00 - 10:00