WCS participe au Congrès mondial de la nature de l’UICN

Événements de WCS

WCS organise ou coorganise une vingtaine d’événements et de sessions comprenant des colloques, des pavillons, des ateliers, des Cafés des connaissances et des séances au Campus de la conservation. Les thèmes suivants seront abordés : le trafic d’espèces sauvages dont le commerce illégal de l’ivoire, les mammifères d’Asie gravement menacés, la réintroduction du bison en Amérique du Nord, les zones protégées et la Convention du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, la surveillance et le maintien de zones marines protégées, l’adaptation au changement climatique, le genre et l’intégration des femmes dans la gestion des ressources naturelles, le développement durable et les eaux du bassin amazonien, l’aménagement pour la conservation de la nature, l’atteinte des objectifs de développement durable des Nations Unies ainsi que le rôle de la corruption dans le commerce illégal d’espèces sauvages. Vous trouverez plus d’informations sur les événements organisés par WCS ci-dessous. WCS partagera également des publications durant le Congrès, notamment au sujet de l’atteinte des objectifs de biodiversité mondiale par le biais de traités et conventions.

The following sessions have been completed.

Friday - September 02, 2016

TitleTimeFocal PointRoom
Mobilising IUCN to strengthen the World Heritage Convention and improve the conservation outlook of natural sites11:00 - 13:00Elena Osipova (IUCN)316A
The realities of multi-stakeholder collaboration: lessons from conservation NGO-business partnerships 12:00 - 13:00Nadine McCormick (IUCN)Business and Biodiversity Pavilion
Towards strengthened biodiversity offsets policies and practices in the South14:30 - 16:30Billé Raphaël (SPC)315
The elements needed to develop and implement flagship species recovery, the tigers tale14:30 - 19:00Sugoto Roy (Coordinator: Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Programme, IUCN)309
Application of Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) tools for MPA Enforcement14:30 - 19:00Lisa Symons Symons (NOAA, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries)307AB
CARPE - Conservation and Sustainable Development Accomplishments and Lessons Learned from 20 years of US Government Investment in Central Africa16:00 - 17:00Kirstin Siex (United States Agency for International Development)United States Pavilion
Understanding how human responses to climate change are impacting biodiversity, and developing appropriate interventions17:00 - 19:00Nikhil Advani (WWF)311-8
Engaging the other half: practical things you can do to integrate women into natural resource management projects.17:00 - 19:00Craig Leisher (The Nature Conservancy)311-12
Conservation Trust Funds: Building a financial future for your conservation efforts17:00 - 19:00Ray Victurine (Conservation Finance Alliance)315
KBA Consultative Forum: exchanging experience on application of the KBA Standard at the national level17:00 - 19:00Jack Tordoff (Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund)319B

Saturday - September 03, 2016

TitleTimeFocal PointRoom
The SDGs Journey: Achieving the conservation imperative for sustainable development08:00 - 10:30Ian Gunderson (IUCN)313A
Conserving the Amazon: Informing Decisions with Maps11:00 - 13:00Wildlife Conservation Society and Conservation International318A
A Green List for Species and Ecosystems: Progress and Next Steps14:30 - 16:30Barney Long (WWF)316A
Towards multifaceted solutions to wildlife trafficking14:30 - 16:30Daniel Challender (IUCN)313A
Best practices in human-wildlife conflict mitigation17:00 - 19:00Alexandra Zimmermann (Chester Zoo (North of England Zoological Society))317A
Everybody’s Business: Ending Wildlife Trafficking17:00 - 19:00Jane Smart (IUCN)Ballroom B
Partners in knowledge: celebrating the launch of the Key Biodiversity Areas Partnership and the Red List Partnership  19:30 - 21:30Annabelle Cuttelod (IUCN)Species Conservation Pavilion
US Government reception on ivory markets19:00 - 21:00Christine DawsonRoof of the convention center

Sunday - September 04, 2016

TitleTimeFocal PointRoom
Sharing ICM experience across the Western Indian Ocean and the Pacific08:30 - 10:30Billé Raphaël (SPC)311-3
Key Biodiversity Areas08:30 - 13:00Annabelle Cuttelod (IUCN)Knowledge Hub
A Standard Framework for Converting Spatial Conservation Data into Meaningful Management Information11:00 - 13:00Nick Salafsky (Conservation Measures Partnership)311-9
Reconciling development and nature: laying the foundations for collaborative action to scale up implementation of a net gain for biodiversity 11:00 - 13:00Steve Edwards (IUCN)311-10
The journey towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): monitoring implementation through the lens of biodiversity conservation14:30 - 16:30Elizabeth Bennett (Wildlife Conservation Society) 319A
Saving species: diversity, commonality and best practice in planning for success'14:30 - 16:30Mark Stanley Price (Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, University of Oxford)313B
Improving watershed and island-scale resilience through shared management approaches14:30 - 16:30Mia Theresa Comeros-Raynal (American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency, IUCN Marine Biodiversity Unit)311-6
Environmental Crime in Central Africa – Challenges and Opportunities15:00 - 16:30CARPECOMIFAC booth - Forest Pavilion
Partnering to restore wild plains bison for culture and nature: the return of the Buffalo in Banff National Park and Tribal lands17:00 - 18:00Marie-Eve Marchand (Bison Belong)Business and Biodiversity Pavilion
Responding under uncertainty: What does it really take to act on climate change?17:00 - 19:00Nicholas Fisichelli (National Park Service)311-4

Monday - September 05, 2016

TitleTimeFocal PointRoom
Driving up standards in Endangered Species Recovery Programmes08:30 - 19:00Madhu Rao (Wildlife Conservation Society/IUCN) and Richard Young (Durrell)309
Supporting protected area designation and management through identifying the most important sites for biodiversity: launch of the Key Biodiversity Areas Standard and Programme11:00 - 12:00Annabelle Cuttelod (IUCN)Protected Planet Pavilion
Environmental crime and corruption: challenges and opportunities11:00 - 13:00Rob Parry-Jones (WWF International)312
Greater than the sum of its parts: Can the Asian Species Action Partnership leverage support for Critically Endangered Species?12:00 - 12:30Madhu Rao (Wildlife Conservation Society/IUCN) and Richard Young (Durrell)Species Conservation Pavilion
CFA General Assembly12:00 - 12:30Sylvie Goyet (Conservation Finance Alliance)Protected Planet Pavilion
Life on Land: Conservation opportunities in achieving Land Degradation Neutrality14:30 - 16:30Peter Laban (IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management)311-7
Empowering Local Communities to Combat Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trade - What Works and Why?14:30 - 16:30Yelizaveta Protas (CMS Secretariat)316A
The Body Shop’s Bio-Bridges: Regenerating forests to help endangered animals find love15:30 - 16:30Jessie Macneil-Brown (The Body Shop)Forests Pavilion
Achieving Conservation Success Through on the Ground Investments in People and Wildlife16:00 - 17:00Ruggiero Richars (US Fish and Wildlife Service)US Pavilion
Greening Infrastructure: planning to address cumulative impacts from large infrastructure projects17:00 - 19:00Linda Krueger (The Nature Conservancy)313A
EUROPAID: alliances pour la conservation19:30 - 21:00316C

Tuesday - September 06, 2016

TitleTimeFocal PointRoom
Gland Expert Group Meeting08:00 - 10:00